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Shanghai Tianyi Automatic Packing Machine Co., Ltd. produces and sells LECO industrial aluminum profiles and accessories, manufactures the customized small sized convey belt, automatic label peeling machine and automatic labeling machine etc.,

The main product technology is introduced from Japan, including automatic labeling machine, automation inspection equipment, automatic label peeling machine and thermal printer of codes as well as small sized convey belt etc..

We specially recommend to our customers the industrial high precision aluminum alloy frame structure profile series---LECO aluminum profile series, which are widely promoted and applied in domestic automated production industry in recent years. LECO aluminum profile is a kind of frame profile with advanced structure, and can substitute the angle-iron welded frame structure. With advantages such as fast delivery, convenient and simple assembly, simple and beautiful appearance etc., LECO aluminum profile has gained the market rapidly.

The competition in domestic packing machinery industry has been always very intensive. Large quantity of enterprises are engaged in production of equipments of automatic labeling machine etc.. However, based on direct relationship with relevant Japanese enterprises, our company keeps on learning from the advanced predecessors and fellow traders in advanced manufacturing industry of Japan at any time, and tries to keep consistent with the steps of Japanese technology that represents the advanced technical level of the world.

Quality and faith is the guarantee for survival and development of company; high quality, fast delivery, good after-sales service is our commitment to customers. We commit to satisfy customer’s requirements with sincere service, and have gained trustfulness from extensive customers all over the country in the same time. We will keep on making efforts, improve continuously the processing ability and machining precision, and explore the market in order to provide products and service for more customers.

In April 2004, Tianyi became a special member of Japan Tokyo International Business Research Council, and is exclusively responsible for contacting the business in China for members of this research council. We are willing to become one bridge between Chinese and Japanese enterprises, and wishes Chinese and Japanese enterprises interested can carry out mutual beneficial business transactions through this small bridge.

Tokyo International Business Research Council, subordinated to Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Center, is a non-government organization consisting of medium and small sized enterprises. Most members of research council loves China,and they are willing to develop business in China. The members have organized several visits to China each year. Till now they have been to many large, middle and small cities of China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Urumchi, Xian, Hanzhou. They have also established friendly relationship with Shanghai Xuhui District Federation of Industry and Commerce. During their visit to Shanghai, they often have an informal discussion with member enterprises of Xuhui District Federation of Industry and Commerce, to improve relationship, enhance communications, and promote business opportunity.

As there are countless famous, infamous, large and small enterprises in the world, so there exist all kinds of enterprise cultures of different features. We consider that an enterprise culture should be a kind of working atmosphere and style created by enterprise operator and employees jointly.

Although our enterprise is not adequate to talk about the scale of enterprise culture, we are willing to create a relaxed work atmosphere and serious working style together with our employees.


No.1426,YANGSHUPU ROAD SHANGHAI CHINA    Tel:021-35080152    Fax:021-35080153
Mail:tianyi#tianyipacking.com.cn    leco#tianyipacking.com.cn
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